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Summer 2023 Newsletter

Please read the Summer 2023 Newsletter for three new updates about the Monument Lighting Ceremony, irrigation pumps, and the BH Facebook Group.

2023 Watering Schedule Now Available

The watering schedule for the year has been updated. Please review this schedule and ensure your sprinklers are set to only water during your property's authorized time window. Non-compliance will affect pump performance for all residents and may result in further restrictions and enforcement.

Check Out the Community Calendar

The Board has created a new Community Calendar, with information about events coming this year. If you're viewing the calendar on a mobile device, click on dates with small dots to view the events.

CommunityPro Portal

It is important that ALL members of the Bristol Heights Neighborhood Association register for access to the CommunityPro Portal by navigating to

and clicking on My Account. Detailed instructions for creating an account and accessing information in the Portal can be found in this document.

The HOA Board and Sentry Management

​Your Board and Sentry Management are aware of your need to know. This website is designed to inform HOA members and help us all maintain a wonderful neighborhood. We encourage you to browse it thoroughly, as it is a genuine effort to outline the state of your homeowner’s association and the various initiatives and activities in Bristol Heights.


Should you wish to communicate with the Board on any matter, please send an email to Chuck Degenhardt at or contact him by phone at (208) 323-1080 ext 59505. Chuck will ensure communications are relayed to the Board in a timely manner.

2023 Watering Schedule

Residents are REQUIRED to follow the Board-approved Watering Schedule to ensure proper pump function and adequate flow to all locations. Non-compliance may result in low pressure, pump shutdowns, unscheduled maintenance, and increased costs incurred by the Association.


Learn more on the Watering Page.

Icons by Gregor Cresnar, CC-BY; "Wet Grass" background image provided by All other background images by TJ Bliss, CC-BY 

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