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Residents are REQUIRED to follow the Board-approved Watering Schedule to ensure proper pump function and adequate flow to all locations. Non-compliance may result in low pressure, pump shutdowns, unscheduled maintenance, and increased costs incurred by the Association.

Each year we rotate our watering schedule so every homeowner has each time slot every 4 years. Please ensure that your controller is set to water only during the time allotted for your address in the table below. Thank you for adhering to the schedule so more restrictive measures do not need to be put into place in future years.

2024 Watering Schedule




Irrigation water from the Zinger Lateral canal is provided to all homeowners as part of the benefit of HOA membership. With the construction of new neighborhoods in the area, the Zinger Lateral Company requires that all neighborhoods implement a watering schedule to equalize water usage throughout the day and night. This distribution of watering times not only helps us meet our obligations to the lateral company but helps out with our own irrigation system water pressure.


If you are experiencing no or low water pressure, call (208) 323-1080 for information on irrigation issues that may be affecting the neighborhood generally. If there are no issues affecting the neighborhood, then the problem may be local to your property's system.

It is nearly guaranteed that some unsuspecting and innocent homeowners will find their backyard boiling up from a rupture or back-flow irrigation valve leak. If you should experience such a leak, please understand these key points:

  • If you are unable to stop the water flow, notify Sentry Management immediately by calling (208) 323-1080!

  • Sentry will dispatch emergency personnel to shut down the flow as needed.

  • The owner must make repairs within 48 hours, unless otherwise authorized.

  • Homeowner communication with Sentry is essential!

  • Hire professional plumbing or irrigation expertise (strongly recommended!)

  • Recognize that you are potentially affecting hundreds of neighbors.

  • The Board of Directors and your neighbors appreciate your effort and expense!


Please visit Settlers Irrigation District home page for water flow schedule information.  Bristol Heights generally follows this schedule for irrigation start and stop for season.

Bristol Heights Watering Schedule

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