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If you own a property that borders a common area, you own 100% of that fence and are completely responsible for its upkeep. The Bristol Heights Neighborhood Association does not share any fence maintenance responsibility with any homeowner. Accordingly, homeowners have a responsibility to the entire community to keep their common area fences presentable.

Fences along the common areas on Bristol Heights Dr, Bennington Way, and Eagle Road, as well as select properties bordering Graham Ave., and McCarthy Ave. (and a few others) are to be painted “Bristol Heights Crisp Khaki” as originally installed. 


Many fences have been refreshed by their owners and this is greatly appreciated by all. If your fence is in need of work, please take action! Management will provide assistance with the irrigation while you work on painting your fence.


Here are some frequently asked questions from some residents who have recently worked on repairing their fences:


Q: How can we arrange to have common area sprinklers shut down while we are painting our fence?

A: Please contact Sentry Management at (208) 323-1080 during weekday business hours. Arrangements will be made to coordinate your efforts with the landscape service provider. Please allow adequate advance notice and understand that we cannot leave the irrigation turned off for an extended period. We are happy to accommodate as you improve the appearance of your fence.  


Q: What is the approved paint color and where can I purchase this paint?

The approved paint color formulation is Bristol Heights Crisp Khaki. We recommend you print the formulation (by clicking on the button below) and take it to the Sherwin Williams Store on West Fairview in Meridian (NOT the store on East Fairview in Boise). They can help you estimate the needed quantity. This color has been compared to existing finished fences and is approved. Please note: The paint is not returnable. 


Q: Do we get a discount on the paint?

Yes, the West Fairview store has a standing 30% off retail for this color for BHNA members.


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