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The Bristol Heights Neighborhood Association is organized with a three-member Board of Directors. The current Directors are Joe LaGue (President), Nick Davis (Vice President), and Rahmi Alameddine (Secretary/Treasurer). Director elections are held each year at the annual meeting. 


The association contracts with Sentry Management to handle day-to-day operations and provide customer service to owners and residents. There are also several committees that operate under the direction of the Board. These include the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), the events committee, the landscape committee, and the Neighborhood Watch committee. The chairpersons of these committees are chosen by the Board, who welcome volunteer participation.

Should you wish to communicate with the Board on any matter, please send an email to

The Board meets monthly. Homeowners are welcome to attend this meeting and can make a written request beforehand that a particular issue be considered. Please contact Michelle Antonov at or (208) 323-1080 to confirm meeting schedule and location.

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