All Bristol Heights Neighborhood Association members are required to pay annual homeowner's dues (assessments). 

The 2022 dues are $584

Homeowner's association dues are spent to maintain our neighborhood's common areas and equipment. A pro forma budget and annual rate of assessment billing is mailed to every homeowner member each year prior to the beginning of the new calendar (and fiscal) year.

While many owners pay the entire year up front, the HOA does accept annual dues in two equal payments of $292.  The first is due on Jan 01, 2022 and the second on July 01, 2022.  Payments on due and unpaid balances RECEIVED more than 30 days after the due date(s) are subject to late charges and interest penalties.

One-time payments and auto-payment scheduling can be completed online at https://www.sentrymgt.com/make-a-payment/

You will need your 16-digit account number to register and pay online.

Payment Remittance Address for postal delivery of payment is now:

Bristol Heights NA

PO Box 30437

Tampa, FL  33630


If you simply mail your check or use online banking you will need to update the address.

​​The homeowners annual assessment amount can change each year and is established each year by the Board of Directors. If the rate of assessment needs to increase by more than 15% from the previous year a vote is required by the association membership. Historical dues are shown below.

Year      Amount

2022      $584

2021      $508

2020      $508

2019      $508

2018      $508

2017      $508

2016      $508

2015      $508

2014      $508

2013      $508

2012      $508

2011      $508

2010      $442

2009      $385

2008      $385

2007      $335

2006      $335

2005      $335

2004      $316

2003      $316 (under development)

2002      $316 (under development)

2001      $200 (under development)

2000      $200 (under development)

*Dues were subsidized by the developer until phase 21 was complete and operations were entirely transitioned to the association.